2019 Regional Campus Food Insecurity Summit

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Friday May 31, 2019
UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center

About the Summit

CCSNE is co-hosting the Voices of Hunger summit, this year in partnership with UMass Lowell and Bunker Hill Community College. This year’s theme is Changing the Paradigm. Building on the previous two summits at Bunker Hill Community College and Worcester State University, this year’s Voices of Hunger on Campus summit theme will shift the focus to the systemic issues in society that contribute to the rising numbers of students experiencing food and housing insecurity. This event will bring together campus staff, faculty, and community partners from across the region to discuss the root causes of food and housing insecurity on college campuses, as well as interventions, with different stakeholder groups and provide space to think critically about how to move this work forward. 

A core topic within the summit will be discussion around the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s report on food insecurity that was released in January 2019, “Food Insecurity: Better Information Could Help Eligible College Students Access Federal Food Assistance Benefits.” Participants are highly encouraged to review the report prior to the event.

Summit Program

This year’s summit will include:


Networking Opportunities

Summit Agenda

Breakfast, Registration, & Networking
Institutional Change Panel featuring Carlos E. Santiago, Commissioner of Higher Education for Massachusetts
Lunch & Table Discussions
Keynote Speaker: Anthony Abraham Jack
Student Experience Panel

Keynote Speaker

Anthony Jack, Harvard University


Anthony Jack, sociologist and Assistant Professor of Education at Harvard University, is vividly changing the way we address the issue of diversity and inclusion in education. His new book, The Privileged Poor, reframes the conversation surrounding equality—on campuses, in communities, and across America. In it, he explains the paths of two uniquely segregated groups. First, the “privileged poor”: students from low-income, diverse backgrounds who attended elite prep or boarding school before attending college. The second are what Jack calls the “doubly disadvantaged”—students who arrive from underprivileged backgrounds without prep or boarding school to soften their college transition. Although they struggle differently, both groups lack the cultural connections, ease, and funds to fit into a community that, by default, privileges the privileged.   

In his keynotes, Jack asks audiences to look beyond what is easily taken for granted about education and student life. The privileged poor and the doubly disadvantaged don’t always know what they have access to—like attending office hours, or seeking out student services. They aren’t wondering where to spend spring break, but how they’re going to eat when the cafeteria closes over the holiday. As Jack shows, it benefits every aspect and every member of a community to improve the experience of these students. 

Anthony Jack is a junior fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows and assistant professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His research has been cited by The New York Times, the Boston Globe, The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, The National Review, The Washington Post, American RadioWorks, WBUR, and NPR. 

Getting to Voices of Hunger

The summit will take place at the UMass Lowell Inn and Conference Center (ICC) located at 50 Warren Street in Lowell, MA. Registration, networking, and a light breakfast will begin at 8:30am, with the official program starting at 9:30am. There will be exhibitors set up during this time with resources and information. Attendees can enter the building to the left of the main entrance. Follow signage for the Ballroom.

Free parking is available in the Lower Locks Garage adjacent to the Inn and Conference Center. There are two entrances to the garage, so please be sure to follow these directions. Participants must enter the garage by entering the ICC Parking Lot, and turn right into the garage before the guard booth. The gate will be lifted, and there will be no ticket to pull. However, if you enter through the Warren Street side of the parking garage, you will need to pull a ticket and will be charged $8 for the day as this section of the garage is operated by the City of Lowell. Participants who park in the wrong side of the garage will be responsible for paying their own parking fees.

If you are interested in accommodations the night before the summit, rooms can be booked at the Inn & Conference Center. Please call the front desk at (978) 934-6920. Let them know you are attending the Voices of Hunger Summit on May 31, and request the UMass Lowell Affiliate Rate.

Bunker Hill Founding Sponsor Scholarship

The Bunker Hill Community College Foundation, Inc. is offering 50 scholarships for two people from 25 institutions across the region to attend the conference. This is an effort to make the conference more accessible to campuses who may not have the resources to attend. Please fill out the form below if your campus is interested in the scholarship. Please note that there is a limited amount of scholarships, and are therefore not guaranteed.


Sponsors VOH 4_11_19

The 2019 Voices of Hunger on Campus Planning Committee is supported by representatives from:
Bunker Hill Community College
Campus Compact for Southern New England
Middlesex Community College
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Voices of Hunger 2019

Photos by Katharine Webster, University of Massachusetts Lowell