Upcoming National Conference on Food and Housing Insecurity on Campus and Convening Summary from 2016

October 20, 2017

Ahead of the upcoming #RealCollege conference October 23-24 at Temple University, CCSNE is sharing the convening summary from the April 2016 conference held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. #RealCollege is a national convening on food and housing insecurity among undergraduates that last year brought together policymakers, practitioners, advocates, faculty, students, and researchers working to secure undergraduates’ basic needs for a two-day event. The 2016 convening summary outlines the goals, agenda, and outcomes from last year’s event and is an excellent resource that includes many examples of campus initiatives, community-based efforts and partnerships, challenges, lessons learned, and policy responses.

Three CCSNE VISTA members and staff will be attending this year’s #RealCollege conference. We are looking forward to sharing information during and after the event, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @CompactSNE

#RealCollege 2016 Convening Summary