Resources: Student Housing Security VISTA at Campus Compact

June 1, 2018

Campus Compact in conjunction with the CCSNE AmeriCorps VISTA program, launched the Student Housing Insecurity Initiative to assist member institutions in building the capacity to support their students that face housing insecurity and homelessness. Campus Compact is dedicated to creating and equitable and accessible educational opportunities for all students. Today we know that students struggle to afford their basic needs, such as housing, when pursuing postsecondary educational opportunities.

As part of this initiative, Campus Compact has curated the resources and developed materials for institutions to use when creating action plans to address and adequately support students facing housing insecurity and homelessness. The Campus Compact Student Housing Insecurity resource page outlines a variety of program models, interventions, and pieces of research that individuals on campuses can use to inform and direct their own action plans for meeting the needs of their students facing housing insecurity and homelessness.

Additionally, the page also provides access to the Campus Compact Student Housing Insecurity Mapping Tool and Guidelines for using the tool. This mapping tool is meant to serve as a self-assessment for any individual that wants to locate the services, supports, and resources that assist students facing housing insecurity and homelessness within a particular campus community. It also lists ways that campus communities can engage and facilitate conversation around the issue of student housing insecurity and homelessness.

Campus Compact will also be hosting a Housing Insecurity and Homelessness Webinar for Student Life Professionals on June 18th at 3:30pm EST. Staff members in offices that support students, such as Student Affairs, Financial Aid, and Residential Life, are invited to participate.

Caity Vogt is the CCSNE AmeriCorps VISTA member serving at the national Campus Compact office and is responsible for this project. She continues to curate resources for members of the Campus Compact network to use when addressing student housing insecurity and homelessness on their campuses, and she will be sharing a report on the support offered to students facing housing insecurity and homelessness on 50 Campus Compact member institutions.

For questions about Campus Compact’s Student Housing Insecurity initiative, email Caity Vogt. For questions about CCSNE’s Campus Food Security Initiative, email Marie Dillivan.