Now Open: Community Engagement Professional Credential

April 29, 2019

Campus Compact today launched its Community Engagement Professional Credentialing Program, the first such program for higher education civic and community engagement professionals.

“Campus Compact is launching this credentialing program because we believe the work of higher education Community Engagement Professionals matters,” said Campus Compact President Andrew Seligsohn. “It matters enough that it’s worth supporting professionals to help them do their work well–reflectively, ethically, and effectively. We also believe supporting CEPs as they build their own competencies will help higher education colleagues and community partners understand the value of CEPs and the importance of the knowledge and skills they bring to their campuses and communities.”

To earn certification as a Campus Compact community engagement professional, the program will require applicants to earn micro-credentials across a range of topics. Applicants can earn individual micro-credentials by submitting materials that demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and experience in that topic. Each micro-credential application will be evaluated based on a set of key competencies that were determined and vetted by a committee of content area experts. The competency areas themselves draw from the work of Lina Dostilio and Campus Compact Fellows in The Community Engagement Professional in Higher Education.

The first two micro-credentials of the program, Community Engagement Fundamentals and Community Partnerships, are available to earn now. Descriptions of micro-credentials, submission requirements, and links to applications can be found online at Ultimately, 15 micro-credentials will be available and will be launched on a rolling basis. Guidelines for earning the full Community Engagement Professional credential will be released in the coming months. For more information, visit