CCSNE Welcomes Graduate Fellow

August 15, 2017

Campus Compact for Southern New England (CCSNE) is pleased to welcome Val Brooks as our Graduate Fellow to support the Public DIscourse Initiative. Val will be with us for the next nine months to completing her graduate fellowship for Merrimack College’s Masters of Education in Community Engagement program. She will be with CCSNE approximately 25 hours a week from August 2017 to May 2018.

Val’s work will include researching the current dialogue and discourse practices throughout CCSNE member campuses and identifying the individuals and departments who are leading these efforts. She will also help identify and develop trainings and workshops in order to assist higher education faculty, staff and community partners in becoming proficient in various dialogic methods. “What interests me are the implicit biases and factors that have deteriorated the levels of dialogue and discourse on campuses and in our communities, and how to reverse that trend. By identifying and connecting key practitioners in dialogue and discourse, they can collaborate on the best dialogic methods that can be used on campuses and in their communities,” Brooks said.

Outside of her fellowship position and graduate classes, Val is dedicated to serving her community. Currently, she serves as a mentor to students from the Abbott Lawrence Academy and as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children (CASA) in the Lawrence area. She dedicated to ensuring educational growth to children of all varying social and economic backgrounds to ensure that all children have the same opportunity to reach their maximum potential.  She is a proud mother of three daughters.

The Graduate Fellow position is made possible through the support of the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute, which provided a grant to CCSNE for the launch of the Public Discourse Initiative.