CCSNE Resources & Publications

The following is a list of resources and publications created in part by Campus Compact for Southern New England staff, or staff from Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island Campus Compacts prior to the merge.

2017-2019 Biennial Report of Member Engagement (2019)
This report summarizes the activities and achievements of CCSNE, member campuses, and partners over the first two years as a multi-state Compact supporting Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Partnerships for Success Rubric Chart (2014)
This chart is a tool that practitioners can use to map the effectiveness of their partnership, and identify areas of improvement.

Partnerships for Success Rubric (2014)
This rubric is an evaluative tool designed to assist partnership practitioners in identifying the current phase of their partnership and to highlight ways to deepen effectiveness and improve overall partnership practice.

Scholarships for Service AmeriCorps Program: College Student Volunteerism Linked to Success (2014)
This report highlights the benefits of the Scholarships for Service program for participants and the community, and emphasizes that student involvement not only provides students with effective on-site experiential learning, vocational and leadership, but also increases student retention, graduation rates, and job readiness.

Educating Citizens and Building Communities: A Collective report of Civic and Community Engagement at Colleges and Universities in Rhode Island (2014)
This report summarizes findings from a community-mapping project with the goal of better understanding the work being done by institutions in RI, and to identify themes across institutions that reflect campus successes and opportunities for growth.

College Access in Rhode Island: Admission Officer and Secondary School Counselor Perspectives (2013)
This report explores the potential opportunities for partnerships between school counselors and Admission Officers as well as the current barriers that are in place that inhibit college access support for students in Rhode Island.

Civic Learning Developmental Pathway: Envisioning a Framework for the Engaged Citizen (2012)
This publication outlines a framework for civic learning and participation, the Civic Learning Developmental Pathway (CLDP).

A Tool to Develop and Nurture Campus-Community Partnerships (2012)
This is a tool to guide the establishment and monitoring of campus-community partnerships with five priority areas: foundations, mission & purpose, communications, capital, and ongoing assessment.

A Framework for Community Engaged Scholarship (2012)
This publication provides a framework for defining, describing, and assessing community engaged scholarship, and offers examples found in areas of teaching, research, and/or service.

Partnerships for Success: College and PK-12 Activities and Opportunities Across RI, A Report to the Governor’s PK-16 Council (2008)
This report describes the results from a Governor’s Council who was tasked with systematically documenting collaborative relationships between higher education and PK-12 public school districts in Rhode Island in order to discover and develop partnership models that could be shared and replicated across the state.

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