Announcing the Formation of Campus Compact for Southern New England

September 21, 2016

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We are delighted to share that the governing boards of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts Campus Compacts have unanimously voted to merge the three states into a regional Compact for Southern New England. The new operational structure will be launched in July 2017.This is an organizational shift intended to leverage the strong infrastructure for engagement we have collectively built over the past 20+ years and to create a national model for integrated community-based teaching and research across state lines. Through merged operations, we will achieve efficiencies in administration, finance, communication, fundraising, and human resources. The shift will allow our talented and dedicated staff across the three states to focus on member campuses and to create opportunities for professional development, partnership, and collective impact.

Campus Compact for Southern New England will operate as a regional team within the national Campus Compact organization, and will benefit from the administrative support of the national office. We, as presidents and chancellors committed to institutional community engagement, will actively support the regional team through our continued membership, involvement in Compact sponsored initiatives, and rotating participation in a regional advisory board. Our involvement will focus on interests and programming specific to the region, fund development for joint initiatives, and innovation within the region to inform national strategy.

During this academic year, the three states will begin to align programming in preparation for the operational shift. We will offer a great series of regional professional development opportunities for faculty, academic leaders, and community engagement professionals focused on Civic Action Plan development, public discourse and dialogue training, support for advancing equity, and more.

Over the coming months, the Compact staff from our three states will work with the national Campus Compact office to create a proposed structure for the Campus Compact for Southern New England. As these decisions are made, we will seek input from our coalition to help refine our framework to ensure the values and interests of our member institutions are represented. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact any of us with questions or ideas.

Best wishes,

Anna Wasescha
President, Middlesex Community College
Chair, Connecticut Campus Compact 

Donald Farish
President, Roger Williams University
Chair, Rhode Island Campus Compact

Keith Motley
Chancellor, UMass Boston
Co-chair, Massachusetts Campus Compact

Zorica Pantic
President, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Co-chair, Massachusetts Campus Compact

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