2016 CT Civic Action Summit Workshop: Political Learning and Engagement

June 23, 2016
Workshops at the Civic Action Summit will address the central question of the summit, “What does the world need from higher education?” through different themes.

Political Learning and Engagement, Rick Battistoni

Community Engagement and Social Change: Educating for Democracy in a Volatile Election Year

The political and electoral world of 2016 presents higher education with a unique set of challenges. This interactive workshop will encourage participants to go beyond service learning and community engagement to think about how to prepare students (and staff/faculty!) for participation in an increasingly contentious and polarized public realm.

Presenter Bio


Rick Battistoni is Professor of Political Science and Public and Community Service Studies, and Director of the Feinstein Institute for Public Service, at Providence College. For over 25 years, Rick has been a leader in the field of community-based learning, especially as it relates to questions of democratic civic education and engagement, highlighted in 2013 by his receipt of the Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award. A scholar in the field of political theory with a principal interest in the role of education in a democratic society, he is author of several publications, including Campus Compact’s Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum: A Resource Book for Faculty in all Disciplines.

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