2016 CT Civic Action Summit Workshop: Engaged Scholarship

June 23, 2016
Workshops at the Civic Action Summit will address the central question of the summit, “What does the world need from higher education?” through different themes.

Engaged Scholarship, Elaine Ward

Voices of the Next Generation of Engagement and the Future of Higher Education

This session is designed to deepen understanding of the scholarly identities, professional practices, public commitments, and aspiration of a new generation of engaged scholars.  The session draws on the work of the new bookPublicly Engaged Scholars:  Next Generation Engagement and the Future of Higher Education, Edited by Margaret Post, Elaine Ward, Nicholas Longo, and John Saltmarsh (Spring 2016, Stylus Publishing), which bring forward stories and analysis of how the next generation of engaged scholars can help shape and transform the future of higher education – and how campuses can create institutional cultures in which publicly engaged scholars can thrive.

Presenter Bio

Ward HeadshotElaine Ward is an Assistant Professor of Education in the School of Education at Merrimack College. She earned her Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership and Administration from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  Research interests and courses taught include community engagement, research methods, teaching and learning, higher education leadership and policy, institutional transformation and change, faculty identity and graduate student research and success.

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