Civic Action Planning Resources

In March 2016, Campus Compact initiated a Campus Civic Action initiative to renew higher education’s commitment to to preparing students for democratic citizenship, building partnerships for change, and reinvigorating higher education for the public good.

As part of this initiative, nearly 450 presidents and chancellors across the country have signed the Campus Compact 30th Anniversary Action Statement, making a public commitment both to its principles and to developing a plan to put those principles into action.

Both the national and regional Campus Compact organizations have made available guidance for member campuses engaged in designing campus action plans. In addition to training events, this guidance includes resources to provide a shared foundation for approaching civic action planning while encouraging creativity, flexibility, and boldness.

In October 2016, Southern New England Campus Compact hosted a Civic Action Planning Institute for more than 50 campus leaders across the region. Sponsored by Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island Campus Compacts, the institute offered insight and hands-on training for efforts to implement a broad-based campus civic action plan.

Following are resources shared during the institute, including Campus Compact’s civic action planning guide, a civic action plan template, and presentations covering a range of topics from planning to partnerships. You’ll also find additional resources from the national Campus Compact organization.

Resources from the Civic Action Planning Institute

Creating a Great Campus Civic Action Plan

Civic Action Plan Template

Presentation – Civic Action Planning

Presentation – Assessing Community Impact

Presentation – Realizing Place-based Strategies

Presentation – Partnerships That Challenge Inequality

More Civic Action Resources from Campus Compact

Campus Compact 30th Anniversary Action Statement

Civic Action Planning overview

Civic Action Knowledge Hubs – Starting points for campus planning teams to learn more about a specific aspect of engagement work.

Civic Action Planning Tool – A tool from Utah Campus Compact, be used for elective self-study and peer review processes.

CAP Coaches – Experts in the field of civic engagement who have a plethora of information and expertise to share.

Publicity Resources – Press release, social media, newsletter, and other templates that campuses can adapt in sharing their civic action plans.