Discussing Gun Violence

The recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida is a horrific tragedy that has become all too familiar to us all.  Previous incidents in Orlando, Charleston, Virginia Tech and, of course, Newtown continue to shape us as people and as a country.

As a non-profit organization, Campus Compact must be non-partisan, but as an organization dedicated to educating citizens and building communities, we are not values-neutral.  Any loss of life in a school shooting is unacceptable and requires all of us to engage in deep reflection, dialogue with others, and action to create safer schools and communities.  Our values of civic learning, engagement, social action, and public problem solving require all of us to consider more significant responses. To support individual and collective action by our member campuses, we have provided resources (below) intended to increase the volume and depth of public discourse on gun violence.  These resources are designed to inform campus dialogues to achieve a greater understanding of the issue and those affected, enrich the debate on the critic factors causing gun violence, elevate deliberation of potential paths forward, and advance action to create change.

The groundswell of activism resulting from this particular event demonstrates a growing frustration by most citizens as well as the power of youth to be agents of social change.  Regardless of the public policy changes made on the national, state, and local levels, this movement is growing and deserves our attention and support.

— Matt Farley, Director of Campus Compact for Southern New England

Guides for Educators to Facilitate Gun Control Dialogues:

Student Allyship and Activism:

Resources on Gun Violence in Schools:

We encourage all of our campuses to share successful examples of curricular and co-curricular efforts on their campus work so we may all learn and grow from each other’s experience.  Any related syllabi, program plans, and/or model programs should be shared with ccsne {at} compact(.)org, and we will continue to curate items on our public discourse initiative webpage and/or our dialogue and deliberation resource page.