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The 2017-2018 Host Site Application cycle has ended. The next application cycle will begin in December 2017.

General Information for Host Sites

About Campus Compact for Southern New England (CCSNE) VISTA 

CCSNE VISTA will leverage the existing partnerships between higher education and their school and community-based non-profit partners to build high impact programs, organizational approaches and collective impact efforts focused on improving education outcomes for children and students who live in poverty.  

The Campus Compact for Southern New England AmeriCorps VISTA Corps program will form in July 2017 when the Campus Compact state networks in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island merge to form the Campus Compact for Southern New England.  CCSNE will be an intermediary AmeriCorps VISTA sponsor through the Massachusetts office of the Corporation for National Service with 66 AmeriCorps VISTA members and 4 AmeriCorps VISTA Leaders. CCSNE is seeking host sites for VISTA projects throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

CCSNE VISTA and the CNCS Education Priority

As an intermediary organization with the Corporation for National Service (CNCS), CCSNE has designated the CNCS focus area of education as its priority.  All host site applications must propose capacity building for education partnerships that address the needs of low-income children/students.  This focus reflects the mission, values and strategic goals of the members of CCSNE and the strengths of Campus Compact as a national organization.

Eligibility to apply to for CCSNE AmeriCorps VISTA

CCSNE VISTA members will only be awarded to institutions of higher education in Connecticut, Massachusetts or Rhode Island who are Campus Compact members in good standing as defined by the payment of their membership dues on or before the start of the fiscal year (July 1). Current non-member institutions of higher education from Connecticut, Massachusetts or Rhode Island may apply to host a CCSNE VISTA, and if selected, the institution must join the Compact through the payment of membership dues on or before July 1.

Member campuses may apply in partnership with another member campus or with an external partner (e.g. regional consortium office, school district, and/or non-profit) who share the same geographic area and programmatic goals.  The primary office of the VISTA member is not required to be located at the host institution, and may be at a designated partner organization.


For reference only: See below for resources for 2017-2018 Host Site Applications and Member Recruitment. 

Host Site Application Resources:

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VISTA Host Site Applicant Agreement Form

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Guide to Capacity Building Activities

Member Recruitment Resources:

Recruitment Guide

Recruitment Flyer

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